What is it that I do?


Developing and building new innovative solutions in order to create new valuable propositions.

Improvement of current business

For Lunet zorg I developed an Online Knowledge Library for care-employees which increased efficiency for finding the right information.

Incremental Innovation

For Lunet zorg I created a new mobility concept for one of their living parks. By doing so we reshaped the transportation landscape. The new service led to an increased user satisfaction and lower costs because of reduction in waiting times.

Radical Innovation

Currently I am working on an explorative trajectory for Centrale24 to learn from new potential values for people that want to live independently for a longer period of time.

Innovative Characteristics


When I was a kid, me and my brother liked to play outside: building challenging treehouses and learn from each other’s perspective.

The key elements of play, building and learning are still the ones that I use in every innovative project that I work on: for the development of solutions for existing businesses or to create new values and new business propositions.


Innovation is doing: I have experience in building and/or co-produce low & mid-fidelity prototypes ranging from interactive products, apps, dynamic websites but also services as a whole (organization, modeling etc.). As a creative project leader I know how to manage the building process and I’m not affraid to get my hands dirty (this is where design kicks in); wire-framing, UX design and graphical design are all tasks I know how to handle.


Research by doing is a good method to be able to co create with your target users. Let’s be honest; playing is only fun when you do it together. I have experience with brainstorm methods and both qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to get the most out of play. Moreover, I master several important (service) design tools such as persona creation, customer journey mapping, storyboards, touch-point matrixes and so on.


Iterate and test as much as you can in order to get a good analysis and valuable evaluation. You might even end up with a totally new business idea! That’s the power of doing but in order to get valuable insights it is important to manage this process well.

If you intent to create new products, services or even a whole new business strategy it is important to understand your market. Who are your users, how would you describe your challenge, what are the user needs, what are the big mega trends, what is your strategy and how do you compare yourself with other businesses? Questions like these are important to reflect on during the whole innovation process.


I have my Master’s Degree in Industrial Design which I studied at the Technical University of Eindhoven. During my Master I focused my development on service design because I was well aware of the fact that we were going to a service oriented world in which products and systems play a role.

After my study I worked on several innovative projects. You can find out more about them on my portfolio page!

Prototyping 60%
Research 80%
Development 70%
Design 92%
Golden Words


Curious about my CV? You can check it out on Linked-In!