What is it that I do?


Profound research and concept development in order to create valuable propositions that make people happy.

Improvement of current business

Some influence on current business. For Lunet zorg I developed an Online Knowledge Library for care-employees which increased efficiency for finding the right information.

Incremental Innovation

Significant influence on current business. For Lunet zorg I created a new mobility concept for one of their living parks. By doing so we reshaped the transportation landscape. The new service led to a better client journey and increased business value (lower costs, higher user satisfaction and better organisation).

Radical Innovation

Huge influence. Step outside current borders. For Centrale24 I developed a B2C concept.

How I like to approach innovation



Consumer research, investigating trends, interviews, probing, observations… All valuable ways to understand your target-user, market, competitors and your business. I master several (service) design tools important for the learning phase, such as: persona creation, customer journey mapping, storyboards and touch-point matrixes.


Concept development means making stuff. From new services, products, systems and businesses. I master various helpfull techniques, methods and tools for the building phase.

I have experience in building and/or co-produce low & mid-fidelity prototypes ranging from interactive products, apps, dynamic websites but also services as a whole (organization, modeling etc.).


Research by doing is a good method to be able to co create with your target users. Let’s be honest; playing is only fun when you do it together. I have experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to get the most out of play. By analysing and evaluation outcomes the concept can grow and evolve to a next level.

If done right, you’ll never stop learning, building and playing.


I have my Master’s Degree in Industrial Design which I studied at the Technical University of Eindhoven.  I focused my development on product/service/system innovation. After my study I worked on several innovative projects and developed myself in the fields of innovation, new business development and strategic design thinking.

Research 70%
Concept Development 80%
Strategy 90%
Golden Words


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